Evospire Spiralizer “Kitchen Evolved” Package

  • The Perfect Cut Every Time

4 interchangeable blades for a total of 8 different ways to cut and spiralize all your favorite foods.
1 grater, 2 julienne blades, and 1 slicer.

  • Curly Fries With Ease

Vertical spire attachment allows you to create delicious curly fries, veggie noodles, ribbon carrots, and cucumbers, or whatever else you can dream up.

  • Holding it All Together

Food container doubles as measuring cup and holds all your blade attachments and juicer when not in use.

  • Juicer included

Hand guard also has juicer attachment which easily snaps into place for quick juicing.

Evowhisk will evolve the way you use your kitchen every day and empower you to create masterpieces your friends and family will Love!

  • Up, Down, Perfection

Mixing anything is easy with a simple hand motion. You simply push up, push down, and the job is done in seconds. The simplicity of this system ensures a perfect mix every time.

  • Unlimited Possibilities

Whether you are baking a cake, serving cappuccinos, making jello, or cooking breakfast, your Evowhisk will empower you to do all of this faster and more efficient than ever.

  • Quality You Can Taste

Not only does Evowhisk make all your kitchen jobs faster, Evowhisk is designed to ensure quality in every bite. With Evowhisk you will surely make the fluffiest pancakes and most delicious cheesecakes you’ve ever tasted.

  • Clean Up is a Cinch

Evowhisk is super easy to clean. Simply place the whisk in water and use the same simple hand motion. Evowhisk is a high quality product and is completely dishwasher safe.

Ever seen GoT (Game of Thrones) or any other show or movie set in medieval times?

Well our new “Evo” branded cut resistant gloves are like chainmail. Literally armor for your hands!

Rigorously tested to be used safely with our products.

1x Evospire Mandoline Slicer & Spiralizer
1x Evowhisk Large – 14in.
1x Evowhisk Mini – 10in.
1x Level 5 “Evo” Cut Resistant Gloves

Free recipe on the box
Product manual

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